The Greens exist to secure the future of environment, people and politics.

The values of Green movement are responsibility, freedom, and caring. The Greens in Järvenpää act for sustainable development and justice. The Greens protect the environment so that it remains as pure and vital as possible for future generations. This means fighting the climate change and protecting the nature.

The Greens believe that everyone has the right to live the way they want, as long as their actions don’t cause harm to others. At the same time the Greens oppose increasing inequality and hold the maintaining of the welfare state as paramount importance. Nobody in Järvenpää should feel as not needed.

The Greens see multiculturalism as richness and we gravely condemn all discrimination.

The municipality election program of the Järvenpää Greens 2017

Why would you join the Greens in Järvenpää?

The goals of the Greens addressed my 18 year old self as I felt a great urge to make the world a more just place. In the Greens combines economic as well as social and environmental sustainability. The balance of these three is vitally important so that we can update our welfare state into 2030’s.


For a long time I took part in the Greens’ events and “hanged” along. I joined as a member before a working period in Tanzania. When coming back I realized that I need to actively influence the things important to me. Being Green matched my values the best, especially environmental issues, reducing inequality and adding community spirit.


When I moved to Järvenpää in 2017 I found partners who shared my values in the Greens. Most appealing aspects of the party were fast reaction to climate change and responsible dialog policy.


I wanted to save Lake Tuusula. We set up a civil movement called Pro Tuusulanjärvi. That’s when came the feeling that individual people can influence even big things. So I joined in the Greens. Now I want to save the world for my children and grandchildren.

I joined the Greens in spring 2012 when the first presidential campaign of Pekka Haavisto was at the hottest. The Greens’ activity took me in at the spot, and I experienced a positive surprise of being chosen as a vice municipal representative, and later a municipal representative.